Water Based PVA Glue

Water Based PVA Glue
Water-based adhesives is an eco-friendly, wather based products. To meet with different requirement for this products, we have four different models (Model A, B, C, D,E) according to different solid content and viscosity grade. Where to use The product is widely used to bond paper product, wood,...
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Water Based PVA Glue

Water-basedadhesives is an eco-friendly, wather based products. To meet with different requirement for this products, we have four different models (Model A, B, C, D,E) according to different solid content and viscosity grade. 

Where to use

The product is widely used to bond paper product, wood, handicraft, polyurethane foam, Leahter and so  on. As an environmental friendly white adhesive, it is popular in furniture manufacture industry as  well. 


1.Good initial Viscidity 

2.Strong bonding strenghth

3. High viscosity

4.Super bonding strength

5. Fast drying

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