Characteristics of polyvinyl alcohol environmental adhesive

Polyvinyl alcohol environmental adhesive is a new type of pollution-free, fast-drying water-based adhesive production method, applied to Wood-based panel production can be achieved without pollution of wood-based panel production of cold pressure.

Compared with the current market of similar adhesives, with formaldehyde and other toxic components (using to achieve environmental protection E2 level above the modified urea-formaldehyde resin or melamine resin or water-soluble phenolic resin, after adding the curing agent and gypsum, the free formaldehyde content of the products can be further reduced, and the production and use environment is not polluted and the cost is low. The process is simple, The bonding effect is good, the drying is solid and the speed is fast. For wood-based panel production, no need for hot-pressing energy-saving effect.