Development prospect of organic silica gel

Several major foreign silicone companies have made every effort to rationalize production, strive to reduce costs, in the production of the impact of product quality and cost of the key factors to improve competitiveness, such as: the continuous expansion of methyl-silane single bed of the scale; increasing the content of two methyl two chloro-silane in methyl-chloro-silane To establish a gas-phase silica production plant for silicone rubber near the methyl-chloro-silane production plant to comprehensively utilize the by-products in the production of methyl-silane, paying great attention to the logistics cost of the resources in the production process, which is to achieve the most reasonable layout and the most economical scale production. In recent years, some production enterprises in China in the past efforts to achieve gratifying results, but still have a lot of enterprises are still blind, blindly in accordance with the needs of the market to expand production scale or repeat the introduction of technology, lack of technical and economic argumentation, resulting in landslides or loss of economic benefits.