Introduction of self-spraying adhesive

Self-spraying plastic is also called hand spray, usually by aerosol cans, aerosol valves, adhesives and ejection agent, is the adhesive after the scientific treatment of high-pressure filling, convenient spraying of an aerosol adhesive. It belongs to new industrial adhesives and is widely used in industry and production.

Self-spraying adhesive characteristics:

This product is tested by SGS, in line with modern non-tri-benzene adhesives demand, the use of a wide range, convenient, improved before the scraping, brush and glue and rely on the air compressor will squeeze out the trouble, as long as the shaking and light pressure from the spray button, especially for outdoor, high-altitude, For some special material industrial concave-convex and dead angle bonding treatment played a significant help, the product than the traditional barrel-mounted spray glue (save convenience, save time, flexible operation, environmental protection and health) will be your good helper to improve the efficiency of construction.