Removal of adhesive method

The method is simple: blow the hair dryer with the household blow for a while, then tear it down later, then dip it into a small soda and a dry cloth to clean it.

How to remove the dirt left after the adhesive tape is torn:

1, with a paper towel stained with some alcohol (preferably with industrial alcohol, to be used without medical) wipe, rub a few more on the clean.

2, with acetone. Methods Ibid. Use less and thoroughly, the best is that it can quickly and easily remove the residual colloid, better than the sprinkle fine.

Both of these are solvents, but also in all methods, the best effect.

3, the use of nail washing water. Usage is also similar to alcohol acetone. The effect is also very good. The nail-washing water does not require quality, good or general, as long as can be washed off nail polish can be.

4. Hand cream. First the surface of the printed products torn off, and then put the hand cream squeeze some in the top, slowly with the thumb rub, rub a little while will be able to glue the residual gum rub down. Just a little bit slower. Hand Cream is an oil-like substance, its nature is incompatible with gum class. The glue is used for this characteristic.

This 3rd and 4th is a section of Central Television 1. The material is easy to find, also very convenient, can remove the residual gum.

5. Use banana water (ie, day that water). It's a kind of industrial agent used to remove paint, and it's easy to buy (there's a place to sell paint). The method is also similar to alcohol acetone.