Self-spraying adhesive use method

1. Keep the spraying surface clean. operate on dry, oily and water free conditions.

2. The use of this product must be forced to shake well, the use of the period also need to shake regularly, under the 15-40-degree conditions of operation, to achieve the best results.

3. The nozzle and the surface to be sprayed is about 20 cm apart (can also be based on the special needs of spraying distance).

4. Press the spray nozzle and the uniform speed of parallel movement several times, to ensure that the glue evenly and properly, both sides back and forth better effect.

5. Spraying finished, will tank inverted, press the nozzle to spray out a little gas, clear the nozzle residual glue, prevent the next time when the glue liquid plug spray valve.

6. The spraying surface is set for 1-5 minutes (depending on the actual temperature, refers to the dry and viscous when the adhesion can be bonded, should be glued to the side of the stick from rolling to the other side, and then the rubber hammer, glue stick or stick even tamping, 30-60 minutes to use, 24 hours after the best results