Self-spraying glue operation method and precautions

How to:

1. To keep the surface clean, in its dry and not oily, dust and water under the conditions of operation;

2. Please shake well before using, in order to achieve the best effect;

3.20-30cm evenly from the adhesive surface to spray out the liquid;

4. After use, invert the spray cans, spraying downward for about 2-3 seconds to clear the nozzle residual glue to avoid nozzle blockage.


1. This strain of pressure packaging, in case of high temperature explosive, working environment to pay attention to ventilation, when used to avoid material and skin contact;

2. In the ventilation, avoid light, cool, dry place storage;

3. Do not store more than 49 ℃, and recommend storage under 30 ℃;

4. Please place the child not easy to contact, before discarding, will spray the glue liquid;

5. Contact with the skin or eyes, please clean with water, serious people please immediately seek medical attention.