Self-spraying glue use

1. Architectural decoration: tile, template cloth, glass, floor, plywood, bamboo, wallpaper, ground felt, original plank, paint-free board, paint board, fireproof board, wooden material, etc.

2. Insulation Material: sponge, benzene plate, rock wool board, rock wool felt, rock wool tube, rubber and plastic tube board, XPS extruded Board, PEF polyethylene insulation material, EVA Foam, phenolic board, phenolic foam, aluminum silicate felt, glass fiber, glass wool roll felt, glass wool sheet, glass wool tube shell, glass cotton strip, PS foam, PE foam, PVC foam, crosslinked foam plastic, polyurethane foam and other insulation materials.

3. Automobile Shipbuilding: Automobile Instrument table, door panel, pillar, triangular window, roof, hemp fiber, cotton fibre, blended fiber, wood fiberboard, iron plate and other bonding;

4. Furniture: Senior sofa thick leather and coarse leather, senior swivel chair forming sponge, senior sofa latex sponge, oily forming sponge and other materials;

5. Hardware and plastic: metal, bubble, ABS, PC, PVC, and other hard base materials (glass + glass adhesion, glass + metal bonding, glass + plastic bonding, plastic + plastic bonding, plastic + metal bonding, pet-specific bonding, crystal, etc.);

6. Clothing and textiles: clothing, footwear, toys, socks, hats, bags, leather, apparel accessories and all kinds of fabrics;

7. Electronics: Electrical Appliances, power supplies, lighting, computer, television, monitors, air-conditioning, perm doors and integrated small household electrical appliances products;

8. Paper Products: photo, paper tube, cardboard, books and periodicals, printing, labels, trademarks, etc.