Characteristics Of Universal Decorative Adhesive

Universal decorative plastic, mainly styrene-butadiene rubber, glycerin resin, solvents and other components.

Quality Standard

The appearance of light yellow liquid? Peel strength,/(kn/m) ≥1.5

Viscosity/mpa s 200~500 shear strength,/mpa≥o.8

Characteristics and use of high bonding strength, construction convenience, in line with environmental requirements. Applicable to fireproof board, plywood, wood thin skin, furniture and other decoration occasions, as well as synthetic rubber, natural rubber, leather and other materials sticky. Then, it also applies to some metal, aluminum, cement products, such as bonding.

The construction technology ① the surface of the glued material to be cleaned to ensure no oil and other impurities after drying. When used in leather, rubber products bonding, the surface needs to be polished rough and then gelatinize. ② with scraper will be evenly coated on the glue (recommended double-sided coating), airing (about 5~15min) to glue layer after the finger touch dry shape can be glued. ③ in order to ensure the bonding effect, the adhesive should be pressed from the middle to the edge or hammer, to remove the bubbles and ensure full contact.

Packaging and storage 3L iron listening packaging. For flammable products, requirements for storage and transportation to stay away from high-temperature high fever, shelf life of 1 years.