Chloroprene-no-benzene Adhesive

Non-benzene flame retardant adhesive is a kind of neoprene-free flame-retardant adhesive used in building decoration industry. Its characteristics are: chloroprene rubber mixing film, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, phenolic resin, zt flame retardant, α-pinene, such as chemical substances, according to a certain proportion of mixing, after the mixer to produce products. Compared with the existing technology, the product has the following advantages: ① performance is not frozen in -22-25℃ case, small odor, brushing labor, strong adhesion, fast dry time-saving, no benzene toxicity, and flame retardant; ② adhesive widely, can be applied to a variety of plate, fire board and metal plate, but also penetrate the leather, rubber, plastics and other industries. This kind of glue anti-aging is superior to the general adhesive.