Development Trend Of Universal Self-spraying Adhesive

With the universal self-adhesive Spray market competition and the main business of universal spray glue, universal spray is about to be an important market in the future, with more and more competition in the market, more customers are more and more understand the choice, the requirements of universal spray must be environmentally friendly, taste small, resistance, weathering performance, waterproof, anti-aging and other aspects of the start, Therefore, the small façade of the already unable to meet all walks of life, only is the manufacturer, still can continue to meet customer demand, as long as you have the amount, as long as you have reasonable price, experts point out that 2017, the universal glue will be hot-holding accessories, manufacturers and end customers, is to win, because the manufacturers more flexible, Compared to oily spray glue, its adhesion is more solid, viscous all aspects have advantages.

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