Environment-Friendly Spray Brush Adhesive

Environment-Friendly spray Brush Universal rubber, its best weight ratio: thermoplastic elastomer sbs10%, hydrogenated rosin 10%, petroleum resin 4%, resin 4%, terpene resin 6%, 6% solvent oil 49%, acetone 5%, cyclohexane 15% and antioxidant 1%. The preparation method is as follows: A. will be quantitative Anyang solvent oil, the mixture of acetone and cyclohexane is mixed in the blender; B. Add the quantitative thermoplastic elastomer SBS into the blender for about one hour; c. Finally, the quantitative hydrogenated rosin, petroleum resin, viscose resin, terpene resin and antioxidant are put into the blender to stir D. After all the above materials have been put into the room temperature stirring dissolved about 6 hours, check all the material dissolved into a pale yellow glue. This kind of spraying brush adhesive non-toxic Environmental protection, low viscosity, can be sprayed with spray gun, save gum and greatly improve the construction efficiency.