Solvent Oil Type No Benzene Poison Quick Dry Adhesive

Solvent oil-free fast dry adhesive raw materials for 56-65% solvent oil, 18-25% thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber, 4-6% oil resin, 4-6% terpene resin and 8-15% rosin resin, in the stirring tank in order to add, three times of different time mixing, through dissolution, combined. The specific process is: first, the proportion of solvent oil into the mixing tank, so that it heats up to 5-25 ℃, add thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber ratio of 50%, stir 1 hours, and then add a thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber ratio of 50%, stirring 2 hours after adding the proportion of oil resin, terpene resin, The rosin resin stirred in the stirring tank for 5-8 hours is the finished product. It is benzene-free, halogen-free hydrocarbon adhesives, in line with national standards, not afraid of blisters, acid, alkali, bonding strength is very high, dry fast, save construction hours, can do a printing adhesive film, can do all kinds of footwear with plastic, reasonable formula, matching science, production process simple.