PU Adhesive

  • Polyurethane Adhesive
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    Polyurethane Adhesive

    PU shoe adhesive is a benzene-free and environmental friendly adhesive. It is made from high quality polyurethane resin. It has good heat-resistance and very strong viscidity. Characteristic 1.Good heat-resistance 2. Very stong initial strength 3.Not easy to form fine thread 4.Short tack time,...Read More
  • Polyurethane PU Adhesive
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    Polyurethane PU Adhesive

    Polyurethane Adhesives. First, polyurethane, PU for short or sometimes PUR, is not a single material with a fixed composition. Rather it is a range of chemicals sharing similar chemistry. It is a polymer composed of units of organic chains joined by urethane or carbamate links. Packaging &...Read More
  • Environmental PU Adhesive
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    Environmental PU Adhesive

    PU Shoe Adhesive is a benzene-free and environmental friendly adhesive. It is made from high quality chloroprene rubber. It has good heat-resistance and very strong viscidity. Where to use PU shoe adhesive has been widely used in shoe manufacture, and leather goods industry. For all kinds of...Read More
  • PU Adhesive for Footwear Industry
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    PU Adhesive for Footwear Industry

    Adhesives for the shoe industry must have high resistance to impact. Good workability is also a necessity. Polyurethane and polychloroprene adhesives are often preferred because they provide flexible yet strong and durable bonds to the wide variety of substrates used in the shoe industry. pu...Read More
  • Shoe Sole PU Adhesive
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    Shoe Sole PU Adhesive

    shoe sole pu adhesive is transparent liquid, with excellent yellow endurance and weather resistance, long working time, and easy to operate etc.advantages. It is suitable for bonding leather, PU, PVC, TPR, rubber, plastic, fabric, footwear making. Featuers: 1 Single component solvent based...Read More
  • Solvent Based PU Adhesive
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    Solvent Based PU Adhesive

    It is a solvent based PU adhesive. It have nonyellow, slight odor, oil resistance and anti-skidding performance, Good initial viscous, wiredrawing resistance, cold resistance,low moisture absorption etc advantage. It can be used for many differnt kinds of PVC, PU, TPR, rubber and leather etc....Read More
  • One-component PU Adhesive Glue
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    One-component PU Adhesive Glue

    It is a clear polyurethane adhesive, which provides a long lasting, waterproof and strong bond for leather and all DIY repairs to shoes. Polyurethane adhesives provide extremely strong bonding. Even before the adhesive dries and seals completely, the initial bond is strong enough that clamps and...Read More
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